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The Amp Pro builds on the foundation of our ground breaking HBC series. We upgraded to a faster and more powerful processor, upgraded to Bluetooth 4.2 and added our new Hi-definition Pulse Pro Speaker Microphone array. The Pulse Pro speakers feature Hi-Fi studio sound that produces powerful bass warm, natural voice and clean highs. Our patented noise cancelling ABF technology eliminates most external noise and our DSP algorithms triangulate your voice'™s '£Sweet Spot" for exceptional sound clarity during voice communication. The Amp Pro includes our full duplex intercom technology, which allows you to connect 2 to 10 plus Amp Pro users. So chat it up with your riding buddies or rock out solo to your favorite band the Amp Pro has you dialed. The wireless helmet audio game just changed and the AMP Pro dialed it up to eleven.

  • Industry leading 10+ person intercom mode - Ten or more user full duplex private intercom with 700m (0.43mi) range
  • Multi-hop technology - Uses each rider to extend intercom range, the more riders longer the range
  • Clearlink app - Free Smartphone app with tools to customize and update your amp settings anytime, anywhere
  • Amp processor with Bluetooth 4.2 - 10 times more data at up to 2.5 times faster speeds then previous version
  • Multi point connectivity - Connect to multiple Bluetooth devices such as GPS systems and smartphones
  • Pulse pro speaker microphone array - Hi-fi studio sound that produces powerful bass warm, natural voice and clean highs
  • Hands free voice activated call pick up - Take those incoming phone calls with a simple '£hello"
  • Music share - Amp pro users can listen to the same music simultaneously
  • ABF-™ technology - Our patented system eliminates most road and engine noise
  • Cross brand compatibility - Intercom connect to most Bluetooth helmet communication systems
  • Industry'™s most portable system - Transfers easily from helmet to helmet with accessories for any helmet style

Manufacturers Part Number 161230


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