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YAMAHA Scooter Sales

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So, why should you buy your new Scooter from Yamaha of Cucamonga?

  • Old School Customer Service and Value
    Value is more than just price, It is Peace of Mind. You know that when you have a problem, we take care of it, from helpful, knowledgeable advice to priority Service in our 5 Star Certified Service Center . We are an old fashioned Motorcycle Shop.
  • We don't fool around - We know your time is precious, Get in, Get out and Start Enjoying your new Scooter right away. No Hard Core selling, no separate F and I department to hassle you.
  • As a YAMAHA Only Store, we have the ability to focus our resources on your wants and needs- want a special color? We probably have it! Want a hard to find Accessory? We probably have it!
  • EVERYONE in our store is an enthusiast - We can help you with anything related to your new YAMAHA! Was that guy at the other store selling used cars or toasters last week?  no joking, we have combined over 300 years of experience!

Call Our Sales Department toll free in the US at (800)523-2414

Prices subject to change without notice and while we try to be accurate, 
we can sometimes make mistakes which will be corrected immediately 
upon being brought to our attention.

*These fuel economy estimates are based on US EPA exhaust emission certification data obtained by Yamaha. A rider’s actual mileage will vary depending on road conditions, how they ride, and the maintenance of each vehicle, vehicle accessories, cargo that may be carried and the operators and passenger’s weight.

Last Updated 28 January, 2015 yoc@yocracing.com