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RHINO 450/660/700 Modification Bulletin

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., is offering certain free repairs
for all Rhino 700/660 and Rhino 450 Side x Side (SxS) models.

This is not a recall. This is a voluntary repair program. If you want this modification performed on your Rhino CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment- No need to leave your Rhino- this can be done while you wait!

The CPSC announcement says the following two repairs are needed “to help reduce the
chance of rollover and improve vehicle handling”:
1. Installation of a spacer on each of the rear wheels.
2. Removal of the rear anti-sway bar.

As part of this announcement, consumers are also encouraged to install doors and additional
passenger handholds on affected vehicles if not yet installed. Additionally, a $100.00 free helmet
is available for those that have the modifications performed and watch a short safety video

Yamaha stands firmly behind the Rhino SxS as a safe, reliable off-road vehicle. The Rhino is
the best-selling SxS vehicle in the market and has been shown to be the best in its class, with
many industry and press awards to its credit. Indeed, more than 99% of Rhinos sold to date
are being enjoyed by enthusiastic owners without reported incidents.

Yamaha always advises the safe, responsible use of our products. Rhino users should always
wear helmets and seatbelts, as well as follow all instructions and warnings in the on-product
labels, owner’s manual, and other safety materials. The Rhino is only recommended for
operators 16 and older with a valid driver’s license. Every passenger must be tall enough to
place both feet on the floorboard with his or her back against the seat back.

Parts are available, in stock and ready to be installed on your Rhino.

Please click HERE to schedule your Rhino for this modification